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We’re passionate about leading organizations and individuals through the necessary change processes required to develop a culture of Excellence. Assessing individuals, current processes and the workforce environment, our team of experienced systems & process engineers, psychologists, and executive coaches, together create solutions to meet the needs and goals of the organization’s leadership team.

When it comes to organizational and individual performance, we create a better business culture and we maximize the individual human work experience.  And as Lynn Taylor, Founder and Developer of the Core Values Index says in his book Choices, “the secret is to do work that is naturally engaging to who you are and what you are, so you know you are making your highest and best contribution…” and this insures a much better business outcome.

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 Taylor Protocols Self-Actualization Pyramid  "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" Pyramid



Hear an informative radio interview about the Core Values Index:

This interview was aired on WHP 580 AM Radio, and conducted by Miles Miller, the host of "Myles of Success".  

In this interview Keith Lauver (CEO, Protocol Solutions Group) & Dan Cox (Director, Taylor Protocols) discuss the basics of the Core Values Index and what it can do for individuals and companies regarding a unique way to improve "Employee Engagement".

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