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As a veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces and the director of international marketing for an Australian-based company, Keith C. Lauver understands knows first-hand how overall performance depends on having the right players on the team.

A true people person and a believer in the need for constant self-improvement in our fast-paced information age, Keith also founded Recycling Systems USA, Inc. and has worked as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, gaining valuable experience in the healthcare field.

Keith’s military and corporate experience gives him valuable insight for how to best motivate individuals toward achieving a common goal – insights that allowed him to immediately see the potential of Taylor Protocols’ methods for finding top performers in any field.

Keith’s company, Protocol Solutions Group LLC, employs Taylor Protocols’  Core ValueS Index and the associated Human Operating System™ tools.  He is licensed and trained to assess which of four core values represents an individual’s primary motivator. With the individual employee Core ValueS Index results, the Taylor Protocols team, then uses the Top Performer Profile™ to provide an initial Human Capital Audit to determine an ROI, based on the current organizational data. 

Keith is building his business, sharing this technology, as part of the Taylor Protocols’ team.  He is passionate about creating real change to make a difference, helping individuals, families, all types of organizations, who are likely to expand their charitable giving.  Keith believes that corporation and entrepreneurship are the engines for growing jobs, in our communities, and when people purposefully work together the results create a Win-Win-Win outcome to solve more of our problems.

“I’ve always been focused on finding outside-the-box solutions that can help individuals and companies reach their full potential,’’ says Keith, who holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership Development. “Purposeful change occurs when we work together toward a common goal and explore new ways to use available resources.’’

The Mechanicsburg, Pa. resident and father of three grown children says his goal is to use his expertise in coaching, combined with the powerful Taylor Protocols assessment tools, to help individuals achieve successes they never thought possible.

“What takes a company from being ‘good’ to ‘great’ is understanding how to find and promote the right people for the tasks at hand,’’ Keith says. “I created Protocol Solutions to do just that – help companies maximize the potential of their employees and in so doing become leaders in their field.’’


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