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The right employees can either make or break a company. But with so much at stake, why is it that firms large and small continue struggling to find and promote the right people?

Two words: Pareto Principle

Sometimes known as the 80-20 rule, the Pareto Principle states most of the work in any organization is done by 20 percent of the employees. Companies interview and test, hoping to land that 20 percenter. All too often, however, a once promising candidate fails to shine.  Until now.

We are Turning the Pareto Principle on its head...

using our Top Performer Profile

For decades, companies have relied on job interviews and perhaps behavioral assessments to find the right candidates. But interviews are subjective and behaviors can change over time – unlike our core beliefs which reveal a person's true unchanging nature.

Enter the Protocol Solutions Group and its scientifically-proven and validated Core Values Index assessment tool that determines which of four core values represents an individual’s primary motivator. We then link that person with the right position to unlock their potential.

RESULT:  Finding the individual’s unchangeable nature

The reality is that everyone is not “wired’’ to be a manager or excel at a particular task. When these people fail to live up to expectations, it’s not because they lack drive or intelligence – they are simply in the wrong job.

A person’s true, unchanging nature is broken down into the following one of four core values:

Builder:  Builders are action oriented and natural leaders, Builders act intuitively and don’t back down if an initial attempt does not create the success they desire.

Merchant: Merchants are value relationships and see endless opportunities and possibilities. Merchants are team builders and deal makers and lead through inspiration and excitement, motivating others.

Banker: Bankers gain and preserve knowledge, ensuring others have the information they need to be more effective. Bankers challenge the viability of new directions by showing past successes and failures. Bankers keep Merchants, Builders, and Innovators from unreasonable risk.

Innovator: When others say, “It can’t be done,’’ Innovators keep projects rolling by providing alternative solutions for Builders, Merchants and Bankers. Innovators lead by questioning and observing before offering effective strategies.

How accurate is Core Values Index at finding an individual’s true nature? Taylor Protocols, the company founded by CVI creator Lynn Taylor, found that more than 97 percent of people first tested in 1999 were found to have the same Real Core Values Nature™ when retested in 2014.

The right people in the right jobs

Taylor Protocols has profiled more than 1,700 job classifications at more than 700 companies. After existing employees or perspective hires take the Core Values Index, patent pending algorithms are used to find Core Values patterns to match the right person with the right job.

Using these same tested methods, we can work with your leadership team to ensure your employees are the best match for the role they play and work one-on-one with top executives to develop strategies for how best to use the valuable information about your workforce to achieve the best results.


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