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Engaged leaders relish the opportunity to participate in the growth of their people, coaching and mentoring them through unexpected, challenging circumstances.  When the leader paints a vision of what is desired, and openly sharing the growth concept, the dream, the possibilities, this allows team leaders and others to ask questions, and better understand how each can participate.

For each person and the leader with a mindset inclined to embrace change, this openness and direct communication, allows acceptance without frustration.   When information is withheld, people sense this and begin to wonder, as feelings of mistrust develop ever-so slowly, but will have a major, negative impact on the organizational culture.  People want to feel like they are making a significant contribution, and without accurate and timely information exchange, a sense of expectation develops.   

People, working in a position matching who they are, naturally take responsibility, looking for the next breakthrough in their work, in work relationships or in a business endeavor to push them to the next level. When a person believes they are valued, belief soars, a willingness to encourage and help others on their team grows, and the empowered employee looks for ways to make even higher contributions. When all on the team or in an organization have this attitude, the effects are nothing less than fantastic outcomes.

Leaders who are change-makers, instinctively trust others and their foundation is belief in themselves and others.  When this visionary leader, desires transformational change, sharing early and openly is essential, for empowering others, creating optimism and strengthening belief to be part of something great, with their team and others around them. These actions create and strengthen a culture of growth and innovation.  Truth and openness, enlisting the energy of each employee is the catalyst for new ideas, offering valuable contributions in the development of purposeful change.

When the leader embraces and promotes, “out-of-the-box” thinking in everyone within the business, the leader now becomes the catalyst for change, being the most influential force in the change process. With encouragement from their leader, people feel empowered, truly respecting their leadership, positively influencing the team, dramatically improving results.

Do you know that everyone is an “A” or “B” performer, but only when they are in a position that matches who they are at their “core level”…So if you are not satisfied in your present work, take our Core Values Index assessment, call us and we can arrange to share this with your organization’s leadership.
Leaders with engaged employees, create a culture of excellence.  Let us help you find your genius.

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